Dr. Xuan Wang won the first-class award at Shaanxi provincial level in the English teaching skills competition-西北工業大學黄大仙精选论坛资料大全


Dr. Xuan Wang, an assistant professor at the School of Foreign Studies, won the first-class award at Shaanxi provincial level in the third national English teaching skills competition on 28 September 2018 at Guiyang University. This competition is intended to support individuals who focus predominantly or exclusively on higher education English teaching.

Each application was assessed based on the quality and functionality of a teaching demo, a 45-minute interactive lesson. Xuan conducted a lesson titled, ‘How to Write a Resume for Volunteer Work’ for sophomores in the English department. This lesson aims to teach students how to write a well-organized resume and encourages undergraduates to help others. The award from Guiyang University encourages university lecturers like Xuan, who are in the early stage of their career or need more experience in curriculum development, educational research, or teaching and learning.

Xuan started working for Northwestern Polytechnical University in May 2018, shortly after her completion of her PhD from the University of Sydney in the field of TESOL. She is currently an assistant professor at the School of Foreign Studies and delivers lectures on reading comprehension and oral interpretation for undergraduates in the English department.

Xuan appreciates all of the support from the school and university, especially the professional development training offered on curriculum design and teaching methodology. These supports provided Xuan with the confidence needed to participate in the competition and to win the first-class award at Shaanxi provincial level.


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